Scorpion Blast

Direct pressure & suction blast cabinets specification

Ruggedly constructed of 3mm and 4mm mild steel plate, lazer cut and fully MIG welded, ergonomic design offers the operator maximum blasting comfort. Pneumatically interlocked dismountable access doors provide an opening to each side of the cabinet. Baffled air entries mounted to the cabinet roof provide downdraught air flow for ventilation and abrasive recovery. A floor grid of 100kg dissipated load capacity fitted to floor support bars.

Large viewing window manufactured from 6mm laminated glass provides ample visibility into the cabinet and is mounted to allow easy exchange. Mounted below the viewing window are heavy duty rubber gloves with 250mm diameter entries.

The cabinet roof is fitted with twin 18 watt tube fluorescent light assembly encased in IP44 rated housing and protected by replaceable glass cover.

Suction blast gun (models 900s, 1200s and 1500s)

One unit of lightweight aluminium suction blast gun fitted with 4mm air tip and 8mm Ø boron carbide nozzle. Tungsten carbide lined abrasive regulator fitted to base of cyclone meters abrasive volume to the blast gun. Abrasive regulator is positioned to provide a direct feed into the blast gun to minimise abrasive pick up energy loss. Control of the suction blast gun is via foot pedal located at the operator work station.

Blast generator (models 900p, 1200p and 1500p)

One unit of SPH150 blasting generator with a capacity of approx. 15 litres. Control of the blasting generator is via foot pedal located at the operator work station. The blasting generator is fitted with high precision abrasive dosing valve and blasting air pressure regulation. The blasting generator automatically refills with abrasive each time the blasting is stopped. The blasting generator is fitted with a light weight blast hose and 4.8mm (3/16") blasting nozzle entering the blasting chamber through the cabinet roof.

Abrasive recovery

Spent abrasive is continually removed from the cabinet by means of pneumatic conveying generated by the ventilation air flow. The lower hopper of the cabinet is fitted with a heavy duty pneumatic conveying hose to the abrasive cyclone. 10mm thick wear plate at cyclone entry eliminates premature wear.

Abrasive cleaning

A two stage abrasive cleaning cycle ensures only correctly sized pure media is returned to the blasting nozzle during each blasting cycle. A centrifugal cyclone cleans the recovered abrasive and separates fines and dust from the good reusable abrasive. Air intake permits adjustment of the cleaning intensity. Dust free abrasive is sieved to remove oversized and coarse contamination. An abrasive storage bin, fitted below the abrasive cyclone, stores abrasive prior to abrasive regulator.

Dust collector

Ventilation and recovery airflow is generated by a Blast & Peen “Tru-Downflow” cartridge reverse pulse dust collector. This uniquely designed dust collector constantly provides excellent filtering efficiency and prevents the filter cartridges becoming clogged with dust, ensuring visibility in the blasting cabinet is always maintained at the highest level.

Direct mounted fan encased in sound insulated enclosure. Solid state controller is utilized to control the reverse jet pulse cleaning system fitted to the dust collector. The reverse jet pulse cleaning system is fully automatic and requires no user input once set.

A waste bin below the dust collector hopper collects debris for disposal.

Electrical controls

Controls for the dust collector fan and cabinet lighting are fitted to the blasting cabinet.


The equipment is painted white with red access panels and covers.


2 sets of manuals are provided with the equipment. The manuals are in English and contain; operating instructions, maintenance instructions, bills of materials, safety instructions.

Optional Features

  1. Rubber lining of blast cabinet working chamber.
  2. PP lining of blast cabinet working chamber.
  3. Fixed turntable.
  4. Track & roll in turntable assembly extending 1000mm from right hand door.
  5. Work-piece rotating basket.
  6. Blow off gun.
  7. Rubber lining of cyclone.

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