Scorpion Blast


Scorpion Blast abrasive blasting cabinets are designed and manufactured by Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd.

Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd is a dynamic young company committed to providing innovative, economical and high quality equipment, spare parts and abrasives for use in the abrasive blasting and shot peening industries.

Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd designs, manufactures and installs a broad range of abrasive blasting and shot peening equipment and provides ongoing customer support through technical assistance, spare parts and abrasives supply.

Our broad range of products and services enable Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd to develop solutions to any abrasive blast cleaning, shot peening or surface preparation application.


The below lists illustrate the main product lines supplied by Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd. Equipment is often tailor made to suit clients specific requirements.

Blasting Equipment

Blastroom facilities utilizing mechanical or pneumatic floor recovery.

Scorpion Blast abrasive blasting cabinets. Pressure, suction, manual, semi automatic and automatic configurations.

Airless shot blasting equipment including; endless belt, hanger, monorail and roller conveyor. Dust collectors and ducting.

Spare Parts

Operator safety equipment including; blasting helmets and breathing filters.

Remote controls and abrasive metering valves.

Blast hoses, couplings, nozzle holders, tungsten carbide and boron carbide blast nozzles.

Specialty blasting equipment ie; internal pipe, flat surface robot.

Dust collector filter cartridges and reverse pulse equipment.


Plastic media. Glass beads. Aluminium oxide. Carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper and aluminium cut wires. Ceramic beads. Steel shot and grit. Plastic beads. Zinc shot. Stainless steel shot. Walnut shell. Silicon carbide. Vibratory finishing media.

Facilities and Equipment

Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd is able to offer expertly designed and economically manufactured abrasive blasting and shot peening equipment.

A purposely-fitted out modern, new factory premises located in Singapore. This facility is used for fabrication and, fitout and assembly of equipment, and storage of spare parts and abrasive media inventories.

Quality and Personnel

Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd personnel have many years of practical experience and technical expertise in the design, development and application of abrasive blasting and shot peening. The combination of this expertise and low cost manufacturing facilities permit Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd to offer high quality equipment at the lowest possible cost.

We take great pride in our products stand behind the quality of them. Our products are covered by a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects. This warranty does not include wearable items that due to their normal usage will wear out.

Blast & Peen Services Pte Ltd employees take pride in their quality of work and attention to detail. Along with the time-honored principles of service, commitment, performance and quality, this leads to the one source of repeat business; satisfied customers.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with high quality, reliable, efficient, economically priced abrasive blasting and shot peening equipment, spare parts and abrasives. We will always meet, and strive to exceed, our clients’ expectations of quality, price competitiveness and timely delivery.

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