Scorpion Blast

Scorpion Blast cabinet features

front and rear views of the Scorpion Blast cabinet

Detailed here are some of the features we have incorporated into the design of the Scorpion Blast cabinet.

  1. Adjustable air wash cyclone effectively separates dust and waste from good reusable abrasive to reduce abrasive usage and increase blasted surface quality.
  2. Internally mounted fan greatly reduces noise levels.
  3. Left and right hand work cabin access doors are supplied as standard.
  4. Lightweight suction gun / blast hose reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.
  5. Integral lifting lugs enable easy movement during installation or relocation.
  6. Large safety glass viewing window provides ample visibility into the work cabin.
  7. Automatic electro/pneumatic reverse pulse cartridge cleaning keeps filter cartridge free of dust build up.
  8. Compact one piece unit reduces required floor space.
  9. Safety door interlocks prevent blasting if doors are not fully closed.
  10. Externally mounted twin fluorescent light protected by toughened glass.
  11. All access panels are easily removable panels, no tools required.
  12. Tru downflow dust collector provides sweeping air flow through the working cabin to ensure excellent visibility and keeps abrasive media free of dust.
  13. Doors are mounted to lift off hinges, no tools required to remove doors if required.
  14. Large openings and arm length rubber gauntlets reduce operator fatigue.

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