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Scorpion Blast 900s suction blast cabinet

900s suction blast cabinet

The smallest in our range of abrasive blasting cabinets, the 900s is ideal for blasting smaller items or where limited floor space is available. Although small in size the 900s is built with exactly the same features as the larger models.

  • Small foot print of 1350mm x 1000mm.
  • Suitable for mass processing of small items.
  • Small size provides excellent visibility and ventilation.
  • Use for mould cleaning, cosmetic and decorative finishing, cleaning and deburr tools and machined parts.

900s suction blast cabinet technical data

Scorpion Blast 900p pressure blast cabinet

900p pressure blast cabinet

This blast cabinet may be small in size but it is a full production heavy duty cabinet. The 900p is ideal for smaller work shops requiring high performance but minimal floor space usage, or for processing small components that require pressure blasting. As with the 900s this model is built with all the same features as the larger models.

  • Small foot print of 1450mm x 1400mm.
  • Low air to cloth ratio dust collector ensures maximum visibility.
  • Blast pot configured to ease abrasive change over.
  • Use for shot peening, deep surface etching and high production applications for relatively small work pieces.

900p direct pressure blast cabinet technical data

Scorpion Blast 1200s suction blast cabinet

1200s suction blast cabinet

Fitted with a generous working chamber area of 1 cubic meter, the Scorpion Blast 1200s suction blast cabinet provides ample blasting space for most medium sized parts. Suitable for high production abrasive blasting and shot peening or as an occasional use cabinet, the 1200s is our most popular blasting cabinet model.

  • Foot print of 1610mm x 1300mm.
  • High efficiency suction blast gun.
  • Popular size for medium sized parts.
  • Typical uses include shot peening, stainless steel finishing and sanitizing, surface texturing, clean rubber, glass and plastic moulds.

1200s suction blast cabinet technical data

Scorpion Blast 1200p pressure blast cabinet

1200p pressure blast cabinet

The Scorpion Blast 1200p pressure blast cabinet has the same cabinet dimensions as the 1200s and is fitted with a SPH150 blast generator. Pressure blasting increases productivity by up to 300% compared to suction blast. Pressure blast is also more suitable when high peening intensities or deep surface etching is required.

  • High production rate due to pressure blast.
  • Convenient size blast cabinet for industrial work shops.
  • High efficiency reverse pulse dust collector provides excellent visibility.
  • Wide range of uses including; removal of welding heat stain, mould cleaning and etching, shot peening, surface etching prior to bonding, heat scale removal.

1200p direct pressure cabinet technical data

Scorpion Blast 1500s suction blast cabinet

1500s suction blast cabinet

With a spacious working chamber volume of 1.62 cubic meters this blasting cabinet offers plenty of room for larger work pieces. The twin cartridge Tru Downflow provides voluminous airflow for media recovery and cabinet visibility. Ideal for use with roll in turntable for large heavy parts.

  • Large cabinet size for bigger work pieces.
  • High ventilation for cleaning dirtier parts.
  • Use for surface preparation prior to painting, bonding and plating, rust, sand and heat scale removal, deflashing and deburring, cleaning residues from the surface of moulds, dies and tools.

1500s suction blast cabinet technical data

Scorpion Blast 1500p pressure blast cabinet

1500p pressure blast cabinet

This model combines a spacious 1.62 cubic meter work chamber with a pressure blast system. The pressure blast system is preferred for high production of large work pieces, or for hard to remove surface contamination. The Scorpion Blast 1500p is ideally suited for use as a plastic media blasting (pmb) cabinet for paint stripping aerospace components.

  • High production pressure blast system.
  • Ideal for plastic media blasting (pmb) aerospace and automotive components.
  • Typical uses include corrosion removal, glass etching, paint stripping, die and mould cleaning, foundry desanding, plastic media blasting.

1500p direct pressure cabinet technical data

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